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    , 47 лет
    Нидерланды, Helmond

    I was not looking for anything, I was just curious. I met a lot of nice people but nobody could light my fire. Than this lady came, sitting for months in the corner of my screen and we just sent each other friendly messages. Months later we started talking and she is, and I hope I will be or am, my soulmate. When I think of her I melt, I feel loved and I feel cherished. She is honest and open and vulnarable. Her eyes are like oceans and I have to take care I do not drawn..Yes she is very special to me.Romance can be strange and can happen on many strange places, I hope it has happened to us. Love and care, Bert
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    , 55 лет
    Нидерланды, Other

    I find my dear woman and we are now married. thank you.
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    , 52 лет
    Нидерланды, Groningen

    i have found my woman ,,,,galina!! thank you very much for helping finding my woman!!
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    , 53 лет
    Нидерланды, Heerlen

    met a nice woman
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    , 45 лет
    Нидерланды, Amsterdam

    I have found the most beautiful young woman in amazing Moscow. Great website, great country, thanks!!!
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    , 55 лет
    Нидерланды, Rotterdam

    i found a nice lady.
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    , 73 лет
    Нидерланды, Alkmaar

    I have found my woman
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    , 50 лет
    Нидерланды, Other

    i found my true love and it is better so! thank you very much for all! wish you luck in love too!
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    , 46 лет
    Нидерланды, Almere

    Keep doing the great site.
    I have meet my perfect match and will meet her in 5 weeks. Thanks again for this great site.
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    , 40 лет
    Нидерланды, Noord-Brabant

    I am deleting my profile because i have found my dream girl. Her name i Anna and she is perfect. We will continue to communicate outside of this website.
    Thank you for your service. keep up the good work. Sincerely.
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    , 47 лет
    Нидерланды, Rotterdam

    would like to come back when I am ready; this is a great site! and serious and genuine; I would gladly start talking and making my good choice but too soon for me.
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