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    , 52 лет
    Греция, Thessaloniki

    I found some one , but there are great difficulties for her to arrive to Greece .Anyway I am very pleased with your site and services . Everything is really excellent and I surely recommend it to all the men of the world as the best dating site of all .Thank you
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    , 44 лет
    Греция, Trikala

    я довольна вашей работой очень.
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    , 31 лет
    Греция, Athina

    I have found somebody here! A little angel ;)
  • , 44 лет
    Греция, Athina

    yes, i have found
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    , 39 лет
    Греция, Katerini

    Встретила Своего Мужчину и не нуждаюсь более в услугах сайта. Спасибо.
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    , 54 лет
    Греция, Athina

    I have found what I wanted! Thank you!
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    , 37 лет
    Греция, Kavala

    I have found my man....
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    , 40 лет
    Греция, Thessaloniki

    Наверно я нашёл свою вторую половинку.Надеюсь не ошибся.Спасибо Вам!
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    , 45 лет
    Греция, Athina

    You can always find the one who is different from the others, the one who differs from the mass. It's a matter of the right timing and the right place. I am soon going to meet my Maria who is the one that is different from ALL others. I hope that the magic between us will be proven to be so special as we feel it to be. Thank you Maria for what you have made me feel so far and i wish the best for both of us...
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